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I have been asked by many customers — “Why?” the name. Everybody loves it! But, why?

Life, like bacon, has 2 parts: fat and meat. We continually search for the meat, and try to eliminate the fat. Handicapping presents the same “analogy.” We want every piece of bacon to have more meat than fat. We want every week of action to have more “winners” than losers!

I played college football on scholarship — the walk-ons were treated like “fat”, even though some were better than the scholarship players! Sometimes you find meat within the fat, if you work hard enough (studying all angles)! I try to eliminate the fat of handicapping, by playing tested percentage plays that put the odds in our favor.

More bacon = more fat…More games = more losses. Therefore, “beat the game, NOT the games.” Over time, I will show you more “meat of the bacon”, by playing less games, but games that have a large percent stacked on our side! Fatside of the Bacon will eliminate the “fat”, in other aspects of your life!